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Eighth Grade

Proud to be 8th Grade!

Monday, February 13.

Eighth grade students are working on a mock trial unit.  We began by watching 12 Angry Men and then moved to discerning the origin and principles of the law.  We are currently working on applying these ideas in real life (and in fairy tale situations.)

Our class has been so fortunate to also host two guest speakers, Sergeant Bunch and Sergeant Nunez, aka Dominic’s dad and Michael Nunez’s mom.  Both speakers were wonderful! They described their jobs, told stories, offered career advice and are great examples of what it is to love your job.

Our students were a great audience for both speakers, asked thoughtful questions, and paid great attention.  We are also looking forward to Mr. Palazzolo who will come talk to us about the law from the court perspective and other possible guest speakers.

Thank you so much to our all guest for spending precious time off work to educate and mentor our class!

Juli Kelley


Thursday, February 2 , a group of seventh and eighth grade students spent an evening to better understand what it is like to be homeless.  The eighth grade students have already completed four visits to the shelter, and this time 7th grade students were invited to give them a taste of 8th grade.  Using materials donated by both seventh and eighth grade families, the students and their parents packed 125 bag lunches consisting of a sandwich, juice, chips, cookies, and an orange.  After the lunches were packed and loaded, the students and their parents drove to the National Guard Armory, where the shelter is housed, and loaded the refrigerator with lunches the clients of the shelter would receive the next morning.  We met with Marla, the coordinator, who answered questions and thanked the students for coming.  Marla also recruited shelter clients to talk about how their life brought them to the shelter and where they hoped their lives might go.  It was a profound and serious lesson for 13-14 year old students who opened their hearts and minds for the to the stories.

I would like to thank Deacon Dick Karl for these opportunities to broaden the perspectives and the hearts of our 8th grade students.  I would also like to thank the parents who donated food and time to drive our students to the shelter.  Lastly, thank you to the students who have gone to the shelter and have had a shown such a positive and caring attitude. The OLPH community is proud of your leadership and gift of time.


Juli Kelley

8th Grade Teacher


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