Proud to be
Ambassadors for Christ


Every month teacher chooses students who have the character trait of the month to receive an award!


Formal uniforms every first Friday of month for all school mass.

PE Uniforms every Tuesday and Thursday.

Green school family shirts on certain Wednesday’s check calendar.

SHARE DAY almost every Friday if they earn it!. Students Can bring in one share as long as it fits in their backpack!

 AR  quarters and dates

Student should reach their  A.R. points goal by the end of each quarter to be awarded a certificate!

Quarter 1

Quarter 2

Quarter 3

Quarter 4


Library is every  Tuesday. The students are reminded of their reading  level and choose up to 3 books that they can read and take an AR test on. They are encouraged to take their books home,  but bring back to school everyday.

AR testing can be done any day in the classroom. Testing is done in our classroom usually on an Ipad.  On occasion a student may have to wait a day to get a turn to test. AR Testing is done when you and your child  feel that he or she is ready.** They must earn above an 80% to earn points. Scoring 85% to 100% on an AR test means that they truly understood what they read. They can test on… one, two or three books in a week depending on your child.

Sign onto AR website with your child’s user name and Password and and sign up for email notifications. You will find out their points goal. Also every time they take a test you will be notified through email…the book they  tested on and how many points they earned. I really want every parent to sign up please. If you have any other AR questions please email me.

*parents please  let me know that your child is ready for an AR test by telling me in person at drop off or pick up, by a quick note or quick email. This will avoid any students taking a test before the parent feels that they are ready!