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 Homework for 4/17/19


Current Event Links

Students can now do most of their homework on Google Classroom.  😎

Google Classroom Code: na6gau5

Remember Lenten promises.

Memorize Works of Mercy page 53

Test April 18



Language Arts
Spelling Unit 28 Activity
30 mins of reading every day
Reading Log due Friday, May 3rd
Moby Max Fact Fluency  5 mins 

MobyMax Math Activity

Practice test in Textbook Topic 13

Test Thursday

Science Activity Moby Max 5 mins


Social Studies MobyMax 5 mins

Current Event #28 due Friday, May 3rd





Mission Project due May 3rd








Due Date: September 21, 2018

Topic: Current Event #3

Find an article in a newspaper, magazine or online and complete the attached form. Cut out, copy or print out the article and attach it to the form. Turn the form in on Friday. Every student will be given the opportunity to present their current event to the class.


Due Date: September 21, 2018

Topic: Reading Log

Students are to read for 30 minutes daily, preferably out loud and to an adult/older sibling. After reading, students are to complete the reading log. Reading Log is due Friday.


Due Date: December 14, 2018

Topic: Spelling Activities

Students are to complete a spelling activity every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night. On Thursdays, students should take a spelling test with an adult or older sibling. Words spelled incorrectly should be practiced. Spelling activities cannot be repeated until a new sheet is given.