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Second Grade


Hello OLPH Families,


First Holy Communion is April 29th! Our class will be working very hard to prepare for this unforgettable event! This is one of the holiest events in the lives of our Catholic students.  I’m sure all of you can remember back to your First Holy Communion! Do you remember how special it was? Especially with your relationship with God?

Below I have listed a few links for First Holy Communion. These pages will remind you of the importance of this Holy Sacrament. Many of the links will give you ideas on how you can prepare as a parent, and they will aid in making this experience extra special for you and your children.

First Communion Resources

Make a 1st Communion Journal

Communion Preparation – Poster

Communion Prayer

Memory Poster-editable

3 ways to Prepare

How to prepare your child’s soul

Even though we have been preparing for this day here at school, we still need our parents to continue the discussions at home. In keeping the promise you made before God at your child’s baptism to raise them Catholic, take your child to Mass regularly. Pray together nightly so your child will make talking to God a lifelong habit.  Discuss Jesus at every chance you get and talk about how you can be just like him! Before bed, incorporate readings from the bible or discuss bible stories. This is the perfect time to answer all your child’s unanswered questions. Finally, and most importantly, lead your children closer to God by setting the example.  I know how easy it is to run short on time with our busy schedules, but we do not want to teach our children that our relationship with Jesus depends on our schedules. We need to find a way to include our religion regularly. If you do it, so will they.

Thank you all for your support at home! I know our students will be very well prepared for this extra special day.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. I will be more than happy to help!

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Remember: Slow down any chance you get! This is just a “phase” and it will be over in a blink of an eye. It’s the little things that make the memories for a lifetime

God Bless

Ms. Twarowski