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Welcome to Second Grade parents and students!

This year the homework will be a little different from previous years. We will be giving Homework Packets which will contain the following items every week:

  1. Spelling words/Challenge words
  2. Dictation Sentences – Once every day!
  3. Reading Log
  4. Fluency Passage
  5. Fluency Log
  6. Mathletics

**The items on this list must be completed nightly and returned to school the following day. Students will receive a “check” each day they bring it back completed. The purpose of this is to show that the students are completing homework nightly and not saving it all for one night. Please be sure to return the packet again on Friday.

Besides the homework packet, students will be assigned some sort of worksheet/activity every day. This will not be posted on this website! Students will be recording all homework in their “Good News” Binder Reminders.

Fluency: Fluency is new to most parents. The purpose of this activity is simply to improve fluent reading. During this 1-minute, remind the students to read as quickly as possible.  They should not be reading for comprehension! As the week progresses, the students should be getting farther into the passage every day. If they do finish the passage before the time is up, they must start over at the top. Then add those words to their total. One more thing.. To really get true (WPM) results, students should not be practicing the passage at all.  It should only be read once per day.

You might be asking yourself..What do I do if they miss a word or skip a word? 

Circle any missed or skipped words. Subtract that number from their total WPM. That number is the one to record on the Fluency Log.

After talking with the kids…This seems to be one of their favorite activities in their homework packet! Happy Reading 🙂

Mathletics: Please log into Mathletics EVERYDAY! I have noticed that students meet all 1,000 points in the first night and then they don’t go on the website for the rest of the week. Students should only be spending about 5-10 minutes each night on this section of the homework. This activity becomes ineffective if they only log in once per week. Remember they can do the same activity up to 3 times to get points for it. If they want to do Live Mathletics (Fact Practice), it does not add to their point total.