Proud to be
Ambassadors for Christ

Seventh Grade

*Thank you to everyone who helped contribute to Catholic Charities!

*The school year is off to a busy start.  Check the Homework tab to see what we have studied already.  Then look at pictures of some of our activities this month.

*It was great to see you at Back to School Night!  If you missed the night or wanted to review any information, I have attached the PowerPoint Presentations.

Back To School Presentation – 6th GRADE 2017 – 2018

Back to School Presentation – 7th Grade 2017 – 2018

Back to School Presentation – 8th Grade 2017 – 2018

*This year will have lots of new excitement as we will use new programs:

  • Arts Attack will be our K – 8 based program.  It incorporates history and techniques as students make beautiful art.  I look forward to all the awesome masterpieces that will be hung in the classroom.
  • MobyMax is a well known program that allows students to practice skills in all the subject areas (compared to mathletics, frontrow, or sumdog as have been used previous years).  I know there is some great science information on this program and areas for students to practice a variety of skills.
  • Our school also was able to purchase a subscription for Mystery Science which has videos and activities.  Though the program is focused for K – 5, I will use it to introduce some topics when possible.

*The Parent Handbook had many changes made from last year, so please take a few minutes over the next few weeks to familiarize yourself with these changes.  Especially note sections concerning: electronics, tardy policy, social media, late policy, chaperones, uniform, and safety procedures.