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Please encourage your child to see me outside of class time and we can talk about any questions they have.

If you need to contact me, please call the school at: (661) 259-1141 or you can email  Remember, I spend most of my time on campus with students.  As such, I work to answer student emails first, but I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Check Gradelink to keep updated with grades.  Remember, late work can only be turned in within 10 calendar days of the due date.  Additionally, assessments (projects, labs, tests, quizzes, etc.) may not be redone for extra points, read the rubric or study guide carefully.

Look under class support, to see some support videos and pictures I have compiled.  This is an ongoing project, so will be adding more as the years progresses.  If you find any great ones, please send them over.


Rosetta Stone

rosetta stone letter to parent

How to log into the site and basics:

You can also download the free app onto your devices.  Along with the username and password, you will be asked for the organization name which is: olphschoolca.

Video on Logging in using the App:

For Rosetta Stone, you can see how to access your progress.  Seeing Your Rosetta Stone Progress

Using Google Classroom

Navigating Google Classroom as a Parent:

Google Meet:

Remember we expect you to come into Google Meet with camera on and muted until it is your turn to speak.

Here is a quick video on typing math in Google Slides:

Using Flipgrid:

Using Canva:

Accessing Online Textbooks and Science Curriculum