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* You can access your math textbook online!  This means that the textbook does not have to be taken home everyday.  Below is a PowerPoint that goes over the steps to access your textbook.  How to Access Your Textbook Online 2018

* Students should be working Mobymax for math, reading, history, and science skills.  The students should be receiving their access during the second week of school. This program has many benefits as it learns and supports student success.  I created a PowerPoint to help as you get started with this program.  Working With MobyMax 2018 Version

Review Topics

  • Mobymax

Logic Games


Ideas to help support your child’s mathematical growth and resilience.



I am slowly building some references for students.  This site will have a page per chapter/unit with a few videos and pictures to help support the learning of the children.  I hope this helps some.

6th Grade Math:

6th Grade Science:

7th Grade Math:

7th Grade Science:

8th Grade Math:

8th Grade Science:


Here is a hand out that goes over the most important concepts that each student should to know when going to the next grade.