Proud to be
Ambassadors for Christ


Homework is posted in the classroom on our objective board.  Have students check this daily.  Students should write down their homework in their planner each day.

Check gradelink weekly.  That will allow you to see the most updated grade information.  Middle School students should speak to me after class if there are any mistakes.

Students have 1 week from the due date to turn in any missing work.  They will loose 10% of the grade if it is not turned in on time during class.  These late assignments will be placed in the appropriate subject drawer by the front door.  After 1 week I will not grade the assignment.

Even if you are absent (not present to my class), you are still responsible for all the material covered and any assignments given.  Look in the absent drawer and speak to the teacher before or after class for any help or clarification.  This is your responsibility to follow up with the teacher.

All students should practice math every day.  MobyMax will allow students to practice the skills.  Try doing fact practice and math skills practice everyday.

After tests are returned, they have 1 week to do test corrections or meet with me to take a different version of the exam.   If they do test corrections, make sure these are put into the appropriate drawer stapled behind the original test.

Test Retake and Corrections Directions

Note: I will not grade any test corrections that do not follow the directions.

Projects can not be redone, please read the rubric clearly.  This is due to the fact that exactly what is required is listed on the rubric (which is gone over in class), students have a chance to ask questions, have time to research, and multiple days to accomplish the task.  No exceptions.