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2020 – 2021 School Year

Not many pictures since we were distance learning for about 3/4 of the year.

2019 – 2020 School Year


Our Field Trip to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach.  We dissected some squids.

6th Graders had to make self standing Christmas trees for their STEM.

7th graders are building proteins.


6th graders are examining where earthquakes and volcanoes occur near plate boundaries.

7th graders gave presentations about companies that are working to help end world hunger or create more sustainable packaging.

7th graders worked with their 2nd grade buddies making advent wreaths.


Some FACEing math work from 6th grade.

7th graders did an art project inspired by Jan van Eyck.

6th graders are looking at how water changes the landscape.

6th graders explored area by making pyramids.

7th graders used inequalities to see if the classroom was up to code.


6th graders are examining how the Sun and moon look from Earth.

6th graders looked at some tasty cookies to determine ratios.

6th Graders making their STEM pumpkin picker.  Which has the fastest rate?

7th graders are looking at simulations of how food moves through the body.

8th graders making a carrier for ghosts.

Some of the 7th graders’ art submissions for the book fair art contest.


6th grade calculated ratios for basketball free throws.


8th grade did a lab on which dish soap makes the largest bubble.

7th grade built arches from sugar cubes.

2018 – 2019 School Year


8th graders created brochures on kinetic and potential energy.

8th graders had to make working rollercoasters and then presented them to the class.


6th graders are calculating ratios of free throws. Then comparing these ratios.

7th graders practiced angles of parallel lines cut by a transversal on our parking spots.

STEM where they had to create a bridge that supported the most weight.



7th grade looking at how coloring affects visibility of organisms.

7th graders are using inequalities to check if we meet ADA code.

6th grade is working on an erosion, deposition, and weathering lab.

6th grade made pinwheels to see the power of the wind.

6th grade using manipulatives to visualize the process of solving equations.


7th graders are working on a DNA replication lab.

6th grade is working on solving equations using pictures to represent values.

8th grade seeing the affects of acids, neutral, and bases on apples.

The day it snowed for a couple minutes.

7th vs. 8th grade volleyball game


8th grade made wingless airplanes.  They also had to measure the distance of the plane.

8th Grade wrote about how ionic, metallic, and covalent bonds work.


Seventh grade modeled genetics via both sexual and asexual reproduction.

Seventh grade used ratios in analyzing space but offspring.

8th grade modeling the bonds of different compounds.

Seventh grade playing and learning with TK.


6th grade built earthquake proof buildings.

Seventh grade at the Christmas concert.

Seventh Grade Christmas Party.

Seventh grade making reindeers that can stand.


7th graders learn what elimination means as we explore systems of linear equations.

It was a beautiful day so 8th grade moved outside to practice solving compound inequalities 

I made a coordinate plane on the classroom floor for 6th grade as we begin practicing graphing.


Slope trees for 7th and 8th grade math

6th grade is reading and playing computer games while we explore the rock cycle

Solutions lab from 8th grade

8th grade exploring atoms

7th grade reading with kindergarten for Read Across America

6th grade explored Wegner’s concept of plate tectonics

7th grade cell models

8th grade made working elevators


Some of 7th Grade’s beautiful flowers.

6th Grade making and testing reed boats.

8th grade looked at chemical and physical changes.

8th grade made working catapults.

7th grade made some pollen transporters.

6th grade created maps of the school in science and in math we looked at prime factorization.  We also made topographical maps.



7th Grade working together to stack cups into a tower only using the rubberband and string.

Collaborating to find numbers up to 100.


2017 – 2018 School Year


For Read Across America, we read with our buddies and read outside.

7th grade extracted strawberry DNA.

6th grade did 3 labs on weathering, erosion, and deposition.

7th grade made DNA and modeled its replication.


Valentine’s Day themed STEM.

7th Grade made carriers that would go down a  zipline without dropping the gift.

6th grade needed to make a candy box that will hold an exact amount of candy.

8th grade helped Cupid by making bow and arrow that would go the longest distance.

8th grade used their knowledge of thermal transfer to create efficient coolers for 4 ice cubes.

6th grade had s’more practice simplifying expressions.

February started with 7th and 8th grade volleyball game.  7th grade won.


Catholic Schools week included a BMX bike show.  Mrs. Arroyo was the teacher volunteer.

7th Grade collecting data on phenotypes we possess.

7th Grade art project on mythical creatures.

8th Grade balancing chemical equations.

7th Grade working with Punnet Squares.

8th Grade Bond Projects


6th Grade is working with integer operations.

We experienced the Christmas events with our school family after attending Mass as a school.  At each classroom, we collected beads to represent that part of the tale.


6th Grade looked at the same information Wegener did and explored if the continents could have been one.

7th Grade explored roots and square roots.

Cell Projects – 7th Grade had to create models and describe the cell organelles.

8th Grade created devices to capture a turkey as we prepared for Thanksgiving.

6th Grade were challenged to create containers that prevented thermal transfer.

8th Grade had to create their own elements after we learned about the periodic table.


Our field trip to the CA Science Center for the cow eye dissection. 


Our Halloween parade and carnival was a blast.

7th Grade’s STEM to create the longest bridge.  I was told they were bridges for ants, that’s why they were skinny

6th Grade STEM to create a spider web that will hold the most “rolly-pollys”.

8th Grade explored the difference between mixtures and compounds.

To end our plant unit, the 7th Graders made their own 3D model, identifying the parts, and analyzing each part.  They were so creative!

8th Grade explored the triangle inequality to kick of our inequality unit.  They used spaghetti to see the relationship between the sides.

7th Grade Leading the Rosary for the School


September’s Ambassadors.

8th Graders made working waterwheels as inspired by the colonists.

While learning about flowers 7th graders tried to make the best pollen collector.

6th grade’s STEM project was to build the tallest self – standing tower.

7th Grade explored plants and used chatterpix when describing photosynthesis.

6th Grade finished their science unit by making comics, posters, chatterpixs, or essays.

Class of 2018 made posters about matter.

6th grade practiced finding the GCF and LCM and making pennants to decorate the classroom.


We looked at the enzyme’s in pineapple and how they affect the jello.


First day was a hoot!


6th grade looked at the damage sun can cause.


Ready to hang up

7th Grade looking at necessities of life by growing plants, is light necessary?


These will be put into the dark. Hope they grow.

8th Grade looked at how gas can affect these dancing raisins.


8th Grade STEM was overcoming obstacles.  Students had to work together to complete a puzzle when they have a challenge such as not seeing the picture or only one person can touch the pieces.


6th Grade had to create towers from one piece of paper that would support the Algebra textbook.


2016 – 2017 School Year



6th grade created earthquake proof buildings.  They also created their own seismograph to record and examine how the readings are interpreted.


7th grade researched and built working drawbridges


8th grade created boats that would support weight in icy water after learning about George Washington’s sneak attack on Christmas night.


8th grade did a RAFT writing which discussed the 3 types of bonds and their relationships.



Sugar Cube Arch Reed Boats Boston Tea Party


Cow Eye

Cutting off Fat

Cutting off Fat

cow eye 6 cow eye 5 cow eye 4 cow eye 3



20161028_080210 20161028_091138

Atom Models

Using Counting Blocks1 Counting Blocks 2 Nucleus with Playdough Nucleus with Playdoh


Ghost Web Ghost Elevator Ghost Elevator 2 Writing Anaylsis Bone Bridge Bone Bridge

S’more Distributive Property Practice

Sorting Completed S'more


Solar System Projects

img_0769 img_0770 img_0773 img_0776 img_0777 img_0779


Working with STEM with the Olympics

IMG_0317 IMG_0318 IMG_0320 IMG_0322