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Test and projects for grades 6,7,8 will be posted on this site.

Students will write daily assignments in their Student Planners. Please be sure to check Planners every week, as they will be used to log in each night’s homework.

Late work will not be accepted, unless your student was absent.

6th grade:  Religion-   Test 12 on February 16

6th  grade:  Social Studies: Chinese Dynasties Flip Book due on February 16


7th grade:     Religion:   Test 13 on February 7

 7th grade:  Social Studies:  


8th grade:  Religion:  Test 14 on February 15

Cathedrals due February 14 (group classroom project)

8th Soc. St.:   Chapter 11 test on February 13


 Rosetta Stone :  Be sure to have a working headset for class!