Proud to be
Ambassadors for Christ

Third Grade


We continue with our story of the week, Kamishibai Man. Our grammar focus is abstract nouns.  I tell the kids that abstract nouns are things you can’t see or touch, like love, hope, ideas, bravery, etc.  We are also learning about the first Thanksgiving and what life was like for Pilgrim boys and girls.

We will be  continuing with our math focus – telling time. Please gi e your children opportunities to practice this skill.  Ask them what time it is, how long until bed time, how long it took to get to school, etc.

Tuesday at 1:45 we will go to the church for our annual saint pageant.  A few of our third graders will get the opportunity to be in the saint pageant again this year.  Ask your child if they are one of the saints.  You are welcome to join us for this event.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving surrounded by family ans!