Proud to be
Ambassadors for Christ

Third Grade


I hope everyone had a nice 5 days off!  We are refreshed and ready to delve into our studies again.  We will begin our week by hosting Mass for the very first time!  I know our students are excited to participate.  Thanks to Mrs. Gloria Reagan, our Religion Coordinator for helping to prepare the students. As always, you are welcome to join us at Mass.

We are continuing with our story, “The Waterfall” and will have our spelling, vocabulary, and comprehension tests on Friday.  This week we will also create a watercolor version of the waterfall including some other land forms we are learning about. In grammar, we are still focusing on the different types of sentences; declarative (statement), interrogative (question), imperative (command) and exclamatory. We are also learning about how to improve our sentence writing.

We are about 1/2 way through our first AR period.  I am sending home the STAR testing results which helped determine your child’s AR level.  Please continue having your child read 30 minutes per night.  Reading is the most important skill to help your child succeed.

We will review the meanings of addition and subtraction and how to use mental math to solve equations. Our Chapter 2 math test will be on Wednesday and we will soon move on to multiplication.