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**Please check the homework page nightly. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure all assignments are also written in their Binder Reminder.  A typical night’s homework will have one page of spelling practice, a math page, a cursive practice page, and will sometimes include a grammar, religion, science or social studies assignment, . From time to time, long term projects or reports are assigned as well.  If there is a problem completing homework in the assigned amount of time, let me know. Read 30 minutes each night and record your reading on the reading log which you return to school daily.  Homework is assigned daily and should be turned in the next day unless otherwise stated. Each spelling test will be worth 25 points, 1 point for each word spelled correctly and an additional 1 point each correct definition for  the five vocabulary words.

The next spelling test will be on Friday, Septemer 21:

  1. faith
  2. praise
  3. complain
  4. explain
  5. always
  6. speed
  7. screen
  8. dream
  9. treat
  10. afraid
  11. leave
  12. trail
  13. raise
  14. beneath
  15. memory

Vocabulary Words

  1. sincere- genuine, real
  2. maintain – to keep in existence
  3. figure – to think about
  4. spreading – to stretch out
  5. afford – to be able to pay for

Due Date: September 19, 2018

Topic: Math

We finished our chapter one test today!

Your reward  is no lesson homework, just TEN minutes of Moby Max fact fluency

Moby Max Fact Fluency – 5 minutes each night 

MOBY MAX CODE: ca12196

Due Date: September 19, 2018

Topic: Language Arts

Write quality sentences for spelling words #1-10

A quality sentence lets me know you understand the meaning of the word.  For example:

 Not quality:  He examined it.

Quality:  The doctor examined the boy to see                                         why he was in pain.

EVERY NIGHT – 30 min. of reading and reading log Mon-Thurs



Due Date: September 21, 2018

Topic: Religion

St. Gregory the Great due Friday

Due Date: September 19, 2018

Topic: Cursive

Cursive page