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Ambassadors for Christ


Computers today have become invaluable devices in instruction and communication. Connected to a network and the Internet, a computer becomes a powerful tool for learning. With these revolutionary tools, OLPH students, faculty and staff are changing the dynamics of learning by making it more practical, meaningful and enjoyable. Through our partnership with Beyond Technology, OLPH students are exposed to a rich, standards-based technology curriculum offering our students a quality education that will shape their futures and develop their technological skills, helping to ensure success in high school, college and beyond.

Using technology, students are able to:

  • Write and edit reports, essays and presentations electronically
  • Plan, prepare and present creative multi-media projects
  • Manipulate data using a database
  • Organize and store vast amounts of information electronically
  • Perform effective research and synthesis using the internet
  • Apply computer knowledge to real-life situations
  • Possess computer knowledge and keyboarding skills

Technology available:

  • Fully maintained state-of-the art computer lab
  • SMART Board in each classroom
  • Projector in each classroom
  • Digital document camera in every classroom
  • Laptops for faculty
  • iPads (bank of iPads in each classroom)