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About Me

l have been involved in Physical Education for over 15 years. After Glendale College I was a P.E.Teacher, Assistant Athletic Director and Health Teacher at Viewport School in Calabasas. While here at OLPH, I have had three boys attend this great school. Starting out in Kinder, Second and Fourth Grades, I have watched them grow into fine young men.  As a Physical Education Teacher I enjoyed watching the students grow in their skills. I am working every day to improve each students ability to gain their confidence in themselves in all sports. I believe that each student has the ability and strength to improve and excel at their skill level as long as they put forth the effort and try. As a Physical Education Teacher, it is rewarding to watch each student improve throughout the school year and gain their confidence in themselves. I ask each student to set a personal goal for themselves and reach that goal by the end of the year. Whether it is sit-ups, push-ups running the mile or improving their skills in a specific sport, it is up to them to achieve their goal and show within themselves that they can accomplish anything they set their minds on.