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Important Documents

Children that will not be participating in P.E. on their scheduled days, need to have a note signed by a parent or a doctor explaining their illness or injury. If your child will be out longer than two days, please document the length of time on the note, as you will not need to send a note every day. Those students that will be out for a prolong period of time, will be given an assignment for their class participation.

Also please make sure your son/daughter has on the proper uniform/clothes for their P.E. class. We will be exercising and running most of P.E. time and students need to make sure they have on proper shoes ( tennis shoes ). Running and exercising can be a safety issue if students do not have on the proper shoes. The proper attire is; Blue P.E. Shorts, Grey P.E. Shirt and tennis shoes. During inculment weather, students may wear the P.E. long sweat pants along with their zip up sweat jacket. Please make sure all P.E. clothing are well marked with your students name and grade on each piece of clothing. This will relieve the lost and found clothes left on the playground. Each year the lost and found overflows with articles of clothing from students.

Students that will be participating on an athletic team, must have an 2017-2018 permission and parent slip on file to participate in after school sports. This is a medical and insurance form needed in case of injury to your son/daughter during their participation in sports. An Athletic Handbook outlining conduct, participation and sportsmanship needs to be read by all athletes and parents prior to participating on any team sport. Any athlete that does not follow the guidelines outlined in the Athletic Handbook, will be dismissed from the team. Any parent that also fails to adhere to these guidelines, will not be permitted to coach or attend any sporting completion for that season.