Catholic Education Foundation (CEF)

If your family income falls within the chart below, then please complete and sign the three-page Catholic Education Foundation Financial Aid application. (See the PDF download link below.) Please return the completed form to the main office.

Household SizeFamily Gross Income

CEF defines a household as all individuals living together in the same dwelling who share expenses for rent, utilities, food, clothing and other necessities. A one-member household is a student who is his/her sole support, such as an institutionalized minor or adult. A foster child is only considered a one-member household if the welfare/placement agency maintains legal responsibility for the child.

Arthur and Yvonne Cox Scholarship

Application deadline is 3 p.m., September 8, 2023.

The Arthur and Yvonne Cox Scholarship Fund for our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic School was established by their children and grandchildren in gratitude for Arthur and Yvonne’s example of faith, care, public service and commitment to education. 

One or two scholarships will be awarded each year to assist new or returning students of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic School. The amount of the grant shall be adjusted depending on the resources in the fund but shall be no less than $800 a year. 

The qualifications for a student to be considered for this scholarship are the following: 

  1. Financial need.
  2. Willingness of the parents or guardian of the student recipient(s) to support the mission of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic School. 
  3. The student shall manifest the qualities of a “good citizen” who cares for and serves others in the school community and receives good grades in effort and conduct.
  4. Students in grades kindergarten through third should have no NIs (needs improvement) on their report card (academics, behavior or work habits). Students in grades fourth through eighth will need to maintain a GPA of 2.5 and have no NIs in behavior or work habits. 
  5. The student shall maintain a good attendance and tardy record. (The school will work with the parents or guardian if the student and family needs assistance in fulfilling this obligation, such as willingness of other school parents to assist with transportation.)

Outline of the Application Process

  1. Application deadline is 3 p.m., September 8, 2023. 
  2. Application must be made each year. The scholarship is not automatically renewed, though it may be awarded to the same person in a subsequent year or years. 
  3. Applicant’s family may be asked to submit a financial assistance application. 
  4. The child applying shall submit the following: 
    • For a child in transitional kindergarten through third grade, a drawing of a time when you were doing something kind for someone else. Show how your kindness made you and other people feel. 
    • For a child in grades fourth through eighth, a brief essay explaining how you serve others and why it is important to help other people. 
  5. The parents or guardian of the applicant shall submit the following: 
    • A brief letter or audio recording, in English or Spanish, expressing their hopes and dreams for their child’s life and education. 
    • A letter from their pastor confirming registration in the parish community. 
  6. If the applicant is a new student transferring from another school, in addition to the documents required by state law and the Office of Catholic Schools, a letter is required from the student’s teacher or principal reflecting on the “good citizenship” qualities of the student.