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Winter 2020 SCAIL League Champions 

 Jr. High Girls White Volleyball Team

Elem Girls Navy Soccer Team  –   Elem Girls White Soccer Team 


Our goal in providing a sports program is to help our students to mature as athletes by providing valuable life-lessons in teamwork, sportsmanship, winning, losing and hard work. We aspire to develop students’ hearts, minds and attitudes through participating in interscholastic athletics, a commitment to excellence and pursuing all things to the glory of God!

Member: Santa Clarita Athletic Independent League (SCAIL)

2020 Fall Teams

  • Middle School Boys Basketball (7-8)
  • Middle School Girls Softball (7-8)
  • Elementary Boys Soccer (3-6)
  • Elem Girls Basketball (3-6)
  • Pee Wee Flag Football (K-2)

2020-2021  Winter Teams

  • Middle School Boys Football (7-8)
  • Middle School Girls Volleyball (7-8)
  • Elementary Girls Soccer (3-6)
  • Elementary Boys Basketball (3-6)
  • Pee Wee Soccer (K-2)

2021 Spring Teams

  • Middle School Girls Soccer (7-8)
  • Middle School Girls Basketball (7-8)
  • Middle School Boys Soccer (7-8)
  • Elementary Girls Volleyball (3-6)
  • Elementary Boys Flag Football (3-6)
  • Pee Wee Basketball (K-2)

For additional information, please contact:

   Vlad Villapando – OLPH  Athletic Director-SCAIL League President and Administrator- 661-645 5018-