What Students Learn in Music Class

Students start by taking simple everyday ideas like call-and-response or echos and building on them to support the learning process for musical expression. Building on those skills, every grade practices sight-reading and solfege exercises in the group setting. While progressing, each child is introduced to a variety of instruments to play during their class time, including the recorder, the ukulele and the keyboard. In addition, OLPH offers additional instrumental classes for private practice in keyboard, guitar, string and voice ensembles. These classes encourage and create the opportunity for every student to perform in a group setting. The school choir and hand-bell group perform during school Masses as well as the Christmas and spring concerts. The advanced grades are also given access to a student account of Noteflight, which allows for experience in musical composition and solo musical performance. In classes, students learn about where music comes from within the Catholic Church and about music from around the world. Each grade is introduced to a musical instrument befitting of their capabilities to aid in musical engagement while discussing topics of music theory, history and genres.

I am thrilled to have every child involved with music at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic School!