As PE coaches, our goal is to promote a positive attitude toward an active lifestyle through fitness and skill development. We strive to provide a physical education program that allows each student to succeed with an emphasis on standards-based activities, fitness awareness and personal improvement.

Research shows the following:

  • Daily physical activity and PE can improve academic achievement.
  • Students who are physically fit do better on tests.
  • Physically active students have better attention spans, classroom behavior and attendance.
  • PE improves the school climate.

What Students Learn in PE

Physical education helps students develop the knowledge, fitness levels, motor skills, and personal and social skills to obtain the ultimate goal of a lifetime of physical activity and health. In PE class, students learn skill development of different sports, locomotor activities and team building. Students are introduced to the fundamentals of the following sports: soccer, baseball/softball, football, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, field hockey and basketball.

Lesson Structure
Each PE class consist of 45 minutes of instruction as follows:

  • Intro Activity/Warm-Up (five to 10 minutes)
  • Game/Lesson Focus (25 to 30 minutes)
  • Closing Activity/Cool-Down (five to 10 minutes)