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Seventh Grade


*General overview of the courses:

FAQ 6th Grade – Math and Science

FAQ 7th Grade – Math and Science

FAQ 8th Grade – Math and Science

*The math textbook can be viewed online (at so there is no need to carry the book home every day.   There is an online science component (at for the science program which allows you to work with simulations and review the material.

*Make sure your math textbook is covered at all times.  This helps keep the book in good condition for all year.  Do not write in your math book as this is reused every year.

*Remember to check Gradelink weekly for graded assignments and upcoming assignments.  You received log in information at the beginning of the school year.  Please keep this log in information handy at home.

*Access Rosetta Stone at: if you want to practice at home.  You can also download the free app onto your devices.  Along with the username and password, you will be asked for the organization name which is: olphschoolca.