Volunteer Hours

OLPH Catholic School requires 40 volunteer service hours to be completed by each family during the school year. The first 20 hours must be completed by mid-January, and the remaining 20 hours must be completed by mid-May. (Check the school calendar for exact dates.) Service hours must be entered on Gradelink under the service hours tab. Service hours must be posted in a timely manner. (That is, do not input service hours in March for hours completed in October.) Donations to classrooms do not count toward service hours. 

The annual OLPH Church BBQ is a church-sponsored fundraiser. However, the school parents may earn service hours by volunteering (20 hours maximum). These hours must be turned in by a preset date. Please check the school calendar for this date.

There is a charge of $20 for every hour not completed by the required date, and it will be billed through Blackbaud Tuition Management.

Submitting Volunteer Hours

All volunteer hours should be submitted through Gradelink.

Log into your account.

Click on the Service Hours Tab.

Click Add Entry and fill in the requested info and hit submit.